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moroccan arabic : be bold be heard

Hey members I hope you are all doing fine. Some of you may be busy to catch up with the lessons but this is what’s good about my lessons, they are waiting for you whenever you are free (take your time no need to rush). Welcome to the new members and goodbye to the ones who left. Many of you are learning Moroccan Arabic (darija) to talk with your beloved ones, the people you cherish the most in the world. You are all doing a great job erasing the language boundaries to be closer to that special someone. So much respect to you all and good luck.🙌🙌 Here we are again a new week a new lesson, new words to learn. Today’s theme is “be bold, be heard” . Try using the words you learnt so far, don’t be shy or get embarrassed if you make mistakes we all do that. I’ve heard most of you and you are all doing a great job keep up the good work. So listen and repeat with me: written lesson: previous lessons:   Lesson 1 :

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