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health system in Morocco

Morocco has 2 healthcare systems the private and the governmental. The private is accessible with money and the governmental is free or at least what they say. The question is what is the better of this two?
As a Moroccan I tried them both and the private system is better but also not good since there is no other choices. If you choose the governmental system you will have to wait for a long time before you can see a doctor some people wait up to 2 months like cancer patients since there is a big lack of doctors and even the available doctors are not doing their jobs properly or they got tired because of the insufficiency of medical equipment so they gave up.
If you ever visited a governmental hospital you will be shocked by 2 patients sharing the same bed, some are lying on the floor some are sleeping in the hallway in a criticalconditions. If someone needs an operation they ask him to bring his own medical equipment such as syringes, IV drops, bandages…and of course they have to buy i…

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