Moroccan Weddings

Moroccan weddings

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Today’s blog is about Moroccan weddings. From my perspective Moroccan weddings are always fascinating, no matter how much weddings you attend, you will always be charmed again and again, from the clothes, to food, to traditions, and most importantly the ambiance.

Back in time Moroccan weddings lasted for 7 days but now it’s just 3 days, but am going to talk just about the 3 days since am from the new generation. For each day I guess the minimum is 8hours per day, of course the 8hours without the preparation just the ceremony.

For the place it depends on people’s choice and budget. Some have big houses, some hold the wedding at a friends or a family house, and others prefer the wedding hall, while there is another choice in morocco which is a “RENTAL WEDDING TENT” yeah this is it; we go to a caterer and rent it. It’s decorated, you just tell how many guests you have and he will take care of the tables and everything. As for where to place it, just in front of your house, or in the rooftop and believe me it’s the most enjoyable.

The first day:


The first day is the” HENNA DAY “it starts in the morning when the bride goes to the “HAMMAM” with her sisters they light the candles inside the “HAMMAM”. when they come back”NEKACHA” the women in charge of” HENNA TATTOOS” is waiting with a basket in front of her full of dates, sugar, milk, boiled eggs and dried pink rose leaves. The bride wears a green dress” TEKCHITA “and all the family along with the bride puts henna tattoos in hands and feet too (for the people who doesn’t know what is henna, it’s a temporary tattoo made with a green plant but when placed in hands it turns orange, old women in morocco use it also for their body and hair it gives a nice color and soft skin). The music we use is “CHAABI” it’s a Moroccan type of music or back in old day’s women’s plays with Moroccan traditional instruments such as: “BENDIR, TAARIJA”. The atmosphere is so warm, you can feel peoples love mixed with the smell of HENNA while everyone is wearing bright colored CAFTAN or TAKCHITA, with the music and all the laughing on the background, some are drinking tea and eating a variety of Moroccan Sweets, some are dancing, you can see a whole generation from elders to youngsters all having a good time. Then we serve dinner and rest for the next day.

 The second day:

The second day is the most important of all the bride has to wake up early to get ready. When the wedding starts she has to wear from 5 to 7 different dresses “TAKCHITA” and one of the dresses should be referring to her region if she is an amazigh or from north Morocco. As for the jewelry, we use gold and the bride wears a crown. She is treated on that wedding like a Queen that’s why I said Moroccan weddings are special. There is a women In charge of dressing and styling the bride as she also accompanies her the whole day, we call her”NEGGAFA”. Little girls takes advantage of when the bride goes to change her clothes so they can sit in her place and act like her while taking pictures.

As the ceremony starts we welcome our guests with milk and dates. Generally in food we start with Moroccan tea and Moroccan Sweets, then some pastries with juice. For the main dishes, we serve Moroccan roasted chicken, meat with plum, Moroccan pastilla, grilled meat, when I say grilled meat its half a lamb grilled per each table of 10 people.As a dessert we serve fruits, nowadays they also serve ice-cream.

Moroccan grilled meat:

 Moroccan roasted chicken:

Moroccan pastilla:


Moroccan meat with plum:              

Moroccan sweets:

The bride keeps changing and sitting in her seat facing her guests and taking picture. In morocco we have a special thing called “AMARIA” which the bride is lifted by 4 men or women while the guests can’t help but look at how beautiful she is, The bride waves to them with her henna tattooed hands while smiling. At the end of the second day the bride wears white dress and goes to her new house with her new family .Of course there is a bit of sadness her parents and siblings cry but they get used to it by time.

The brides seat: 


Finally the 3rd day her family wakes up early to prepare food to go visit her and give her all the gifts she received as a bride. In morocco the gifts may be money, gold (ring/bracelet/necklace), kitchen tools, bed comforter…. Basically what she will need as a housewife and they also bring her what her husband gave her as dowry. In morocco the dowry is not just money it’s also gold, clothes, makeup and more. So the bride’s family take all those gifts and go to the bride’s new house to celebrate again with the same food and traditional clothes and music. And it’s the end of the fantastic 3 days.

I didn’t mention everything in details because there is too much to tell about Moroccan weddings and it differs for every region her traditions.

Again if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments and thank you all

credits for the wedding pictures: Neggafa Maison Tazia
credits for food pictures: Afrah 2 Mars


  1. I am moroccan and i liked how you discribed everything makes me think of my own wedding 😅


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