What to eat in Morocco

What to eat in morocco

When visiting a new country most people’s first thought is food (or maybe just me 😄) well why food?? Because you will be eating it 3 times a day or more, so if you don’t like it then it’s a problem, you will be forced to look for your own country’s food, and of course it will be rare moreover if you like the food it will be handy, you will find it anywhere and you won’t get a hard time. Since you are in Morocco then eat Moroccan. I am sure that Moroccan food isn’t something you won’t like because there is a lot of choices especially number one you will never be able to say I don’t like it.

So here is 10 plates you can’t miss eating when visiting Morocco:

  Number one goes to the famous TAGINE: a plate made with meat or chicken with vegetables, the daily lunch or dinner for Moroccans; it’s healthy, integrated, and rich with protein and fibers because we eat it with whole wheat bread and the most of all its homemade whenever you go its home made so you will taste the original.

moroccan tajine

   Number two: COUSCOUS; well who doesn’t know what couscous is, we Moroccans make this every Friday; its couscous with meat or chicken plus vegetables (from 4 to 7 types of vegetables all in one plate) we have a variety of couscous: maize couscous, wheat couscous, barely couscous and more. It’s nutritious with all the vegetables and the meat (people with wheat allergy stay away from this type of couscous and ask first).

moroccan couscous

   Number three: MINT TEA; in Morocco we drink tea 2 times a day and in all the occasions be it from weddings to funerals. We all know how healthy tea is especially with mint good for the skin and for detoxing. Just imagine yourself in the morning sipping tea while you can smell and taste mint with every sip you take. A very good start for the day.

moroccan mint tea

   Number four is: MOROCCAN SOUP we call it “HARIRA” it’s a soup made with celery, tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, lentils, parsley and more. I bet just mixing all this ingredients in your mind made you salivate. The texture is very concentrated, and with every spoon you can taste the freshness of the celery.

moroccan soup harira

   Number five: SEA FOOD PASTILLA, I recommend it to Asian people the most, because we use soy sauce, glass noodles, black fungus all mixed with sea food and a bit of spiciness with a Moroccan touch.


     Number six: SWEET PASTILLA, this one is combination between salty and sweet but more sweet than salty it’s made with chicken or pigeon and almonds as for seasoning, we use salt, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, cilantro and more. When eating the sweetness stays in your mouth and makes you want to grab another bite even If you are full.

sweet pastilla

     Number seven :MEAT WITH PLUM an original Moroccan plate it’s as its name meat with sweet dried plums cocked until it become tender and soft with “RAS EL HANOUT SPICES “ it’s similar to THE INDIAN” GARAM MASALA”, all this mixed together make a fantastic aroma that you will never be able to forget and absolutely want to taste it again.

moroccan meat with plum

    Number eight: ROASTED CHICKEN, the Moroccan roasted chicken taste differs of others, because we use Moroccan spices, olives and preserved lemon. And the result? Browned exterior with a crisp coating with tender interior when eating makes your tasting buds dance in joy.

roasted chicken

     Number nine: “MSEMEN” (Moroccan square pancakes) crispy in the outside but tinder inside, we enjoy it with some honey and mint tea for breakfast or tea time in the evening.

moroccan pancakes

    Number ten:” CHEBAKIA”, a kind of Moroccan sweets, made with a seasoned dough, fried then dipped in honey and covered in sesame seeds, also sweet it gives you energy as a snack or enjoy it In winter with a hot bowl of Moroccan soup “HARIRA” to make you warmer.


I will be also posting the recipes of all the Moroccan food in my blog, so please subscribe to be notified and thank you all for the support.

  PS:  Some pictures are mine and some are for this gentle lady who gave me permission to use her pictures
 Her Account: cuizaina


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